Bushnell Trophy 20-60×65 Waterproof Spotting Scope Review

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Going on a vacation or being in the open field as a researcher usually entails having excellent views of people and things generally. It is not every time there is the opportunity to get close enough to view people and objects. Even from a great distance, it is still possible to have clear views of people and objects provided a powerful tool such as theBushnell Trophy 20-60×65 waterproof spotting scope is put to use. The tool is designed to be able to withstand even the toughest terrain and still make possible viewing distant objects.

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There is a waterproof casing for the device, which is made of rubber. This means that the compact sized device can withstand water in any form and can be used for outdoor purposes. The device is compact and also portable which means that it will not come in the way to rob you of any pleasure you should have when on an expedition or research in the field.

Bushnell Trophy 20-60×65 Features

  • Premium multi-coated optics
  • Great for bird watching
  • Ultimate portable and 100% waterproof with rubber armor
  • 18″ x 12.5″ x 6.5″ and 3 pounds (free shipping)
  • Comes with both hard and soft case and compact tripod

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As part of the features that the device has, there is a premium and Porro prism with muti-coated optics and these actually serve the purpose of ensuring that objects that are viewed are very clear. If you have devices that you have been using to view distant objects but always turn up with blurry pictures then the Bushnell Trophy 20-60×65 waterproof spotting scope is what you need now.

The need to maintain a steady stance while like to take pictures or view distant images is of utmost importance and can not be trivialized. It is well known that trying to maintain a steady hand for any reasonable length of time with equipment for viewing could be a great task. However this Bushnell spotting scope comes with a tripod stand, which sets the hands free and makes viewing more pleasurable.

Whether you are going on a hiking expedition or bird watching expedition, you need a powerful equipment to assist you in taking excellent views otherwise you will be wasting away good opportunities. One would expect that such an equipment will be very dear to come by in the market and given the kind of high quality images that may be viewed, the price tag makes buying it a steal.

Bushnell Trophy Scope Review

During the research phase for this spotting scope review, we found hundreds of reviews for this product. It received a very high rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon. Most real life customers have been delighted with this model. The only complaint ever raised about this equipment so far in the reviews left by its users is that of the magnification. The magnification power is to enable people get clearer views but unfortunately there are still some people who don’t seem to get how to properly handle this. With little practice however, they will definitely be able to know what magnification works best and for different ranges. The best place to buy spotting scopes is from Amazon. They offer the best price, free shipping (at the time of writing this) and top notch customer support that makes the entire process super easy and pain free. Click here to check it out.

Bird watching or any other form of hobby that takes you to the field will be pleasurable if you have the right tools. You will also be fulfilled with each visit because you should have all that you want with the Bushnell Trophy 20-60×65 Waterproof Spotting Scope.

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Customer Reviews

R. Newton August 22nd, 2011 (#)

My old legs don’t appreciate trooping back and forth on an outdoor range to see “how ya doin'”, and this scope makes my visits to the range much more enjoyable and allows more time for shooting, and less for walking back and forth.

It comes packaged well, and for the price is an excellent value. The hard case is very protective, the soft case is more than adequate, but as others have said, the furnished tripod is a waste of space and time.

Luckily I followed the advice of some other reviewers, and concurrently ordered a better tripod. The furnished tripod would not make the use of the scope very easy or satisfactory.

When in use, this scope just easily becomes part of the range experience, and not the days work. It functions in the background very well, and makes the overall experience pleasant and easy.

Beach Goer (Honolulu, HI) September 14th, 2011 (#)

I bought this cuz it was one of the least expensive, brand-name with full power 20x…and free shipping.

That said, I am very happy with the results. I can spot .223 holes in my paper targets at 300 yards. I can even see details of the moon. I can even read license plates from 8 city blocks away.

The only caveat, you have to have great patience to carefully adjust the tripod knobs and acquire the target as it were. A more stable, heavier tripod is necessary in any case. The one supplied with it, well, just simply doesn’t cut it for anything other than seated bench shooting. If you’re out in the woods or backpacking, a full-size tripod would be infinitely better.

The aluminum outer case is a great feature, certainly takes up space, but is great for shipping. It comes with a light zippered nylon pouch for carrying around. Bushnell could have done better at designing the front lens cap, which just snaps on by tension. The eyepiece cap actually screws on and is probably a little more secure.

The optics themselves are marvelous, the housing is nicely rubberized (but not “STICKY” such that it interferes or rubs too much on gear), it really is moisture-proof, and seems to be rugged. I wouldn’t want to torture test it though.

Very good buy.

Steve December 22nd, 2011 (#)

I had to write a review since I find these so helpful when I’m looking to purchase something. So I hope this helps someone out in the future.

Just got my Bushnell Trophy 20-60 x 65mm spotting scope today. It’s my first spotting scope so I have nothing to compare it to. I bought it for an elk hunt out west primarily, and for target spotting on a 500 yard rifle range. Ordered it from Wal-Mart Site-to-Store for $197. I figured if it’s awful I can take it back.

First thing I did was try it out on the back porch(5:00pm on a sunny day). I set it up on my camera tripod and sighted in on neighbors house down the block. I zoomed in on the dish up to 60x and could read “Dish Network Plus”, and could even tell how many screws(same color as the dish) were in the center – 2.

Next I got my laser range finder out and lased the target at 164 yards. I then went out to the end of my driveway and looked down the country road. I could read the street sign and the street number clearly from 440 yards. At that power you do cut down on your field of view significantly.

Now when you go to 40x & 60x you have to get real close to scope or you get the dark shadow creeping in on the sides of the lens. This is sometimes a bit tricky because if you touch the tripod or scope it shakes the image, but with a little practice & patience you should get the hang of it.

The hard & soft case are nice, but the tripods I’ll probably just use for my digital camera when I need a stand for timed pictures.

Overall, for about a $200 spotting scope I’m very pleased.

E. Carr April 22nd, 2012 (#)

I am an North South Skirmish Association member, shooting competitively at paper and breakable targets with black powder in antique guns. This shooting is done at outdoor ranges, and in all kinds of weather conditions.

The normal distances are 50 and 100 yards. Spotting scopes are essential and must be ruggedly made, waterproof, with good eye relief, good light collection, good clarity of picture and good anti-fog aspects. The Bushnell Trophy 20-60X65 meets all of these criteria, and in fact performs much better than numerous other scopes I have tried costing many times more than this scope costs.

Built-in extendable sun screen and screw in front lens protector are nice features. Hard case is not much but well padded with foam inside. Soft case, which is the one you will use to carry onto the range is decently made and of rugged fabric. This is an excellent value for someone needing a spotting scope out to 100 yards, and may do well for those shooting beyond that distance.

The only drawback is the stupid little tripod that comes with the scope. Simply throw that accessory into the trash and replace it with something that will actually support the scope.

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