Meade 81011 Travel View 20-60x60mm Zoom Spotting Scope Review

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The Meade 81011 Travel View 20-60x60mm Zoom Spotting Scope is one of the best in its line of related products in the market. It is a high precision professional spotting scope. It has all the top of the line features and unbelievable specifications that makes it a top choice for most heavy users like sportsmen, avid bird watchers and frequent campers.

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The Meade 81011 is a heavy-duty equipment and is armored with tough rubber to weather years of hard use. It is also completely waterproof so you can easily use during heavy rains or extreme humidity.

Meade 81011 Travel View Features

  • Designed for bird watchers, sportsmen and camping enthusiasts
  • Features fully coated lenses and waterproof rubber armor
  • bk-7 Prisms for best optical performance
  • 60Mm objective lens with 20X – 60X zoom magnification
  • 17 x 8 x 6.7 inches  and 7.2 pounds
  • Comes with tripod, soft case and hard shell aluminum case; FREE Shipping

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The angled spotting scope also comes with BK7 prisms to provide clarity of pictures and it provides a field view of 105/48. You get a stunning 20x-60x zooming range of magnification. You also get to short focus over a distance of 15 ft, a reasonable eye relief of 13mm and eye pupil of 3 mm. These features ensure that even in hazy visibility and over long distances you still get clear contrast pictures.

The 81011 spotting scope comes with its own compact tripod. The tripod can be extended to a full height range. This gives the spotting scope the added advantage of being mounted to a considerable height for precision pictures. The waterproof spotting scope also comes with its own specific hard cover case that protects the equipment and can be carried safely on long distance travels.

Meade 81011 Review

Most of the reviews for the Meade 60mm zoom spotting scope that we have come across so far has been quite promising. Out of these 25 reviews, over 23 of them have been exceedingly positive. Apart, from the fact that the equipment allows for heavy use, you also do not compromise on high precision pictures. The rubber coating allows you to safely use the product over the years. The waterproofing of the product and the special coating on the lens is a necessary feature for shooting in areas of heavy rains and humidity. The tripod is additional and comes in quite handy. The Meade 20-60×60 spotting scope is constructed with a special polycarbonate material that helps to evenly distribute the product’s weight through its body and thus reduces its overall weight. Click here to read more reviews.

The Meade Travelview does not come with a high definition lens, which is the latest in the technology. You will have to get an HD lens for the spotting scope yourself. Again, some competitive products in the market might have a difference of 3 ft on the short focus range that is provided by the product.

The product is an amazing bargain at the most reasonable price that you get it for. The hard, rugged carry case is an amazing addition to the package. Especially on rough tours, you will not have to worry about your precious equipments. With the added armor of rubber and waterproofing, the spotting scope pretty much is self sufficient in against harsh conditions. Click here to check out the Meade 81011 Travel View 20-60x60mm Zoom Spotting Scope on Amazon.


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Customer Reviews

WWC "hedgehog" October 1st, 2011 (#)

I bought this spotting scope for archery. From 50 meters, I can see the 80cm target face and the arrows clearly at 30X. In fact, I don’t know if you ever need 60x even from 90 meters, so maybe a 45x scope would be sufficient.

I have no use for the small tripod since it is too short for me when I’m standing. I think the hardcase is a gimmick. The material used is just okay. I can’t compare it to others on the market, namely the Barska brand, since this is my first scope.

My friend does like the angled eyepiece which allows you to adjust with any tripod so you don’t have to move behind the scope to see through the eyepiece. It’s a pretty good deal for the money, but I would not have pulled the trigger so quickly if I didn’t have a gift certificate to burn.

Uncle Biff November 21st, 2011 (#)

In the short time I’ve had this product, I’ve noted the following:

-Value-Overall a reasonable price for the product as delivered…by no means the best spotting scope available but neither does this kit cost hundreds of dollars.

-Focus-Easy/fast to focus at minimum magnification.

-Picture-Clear/good at minimum magnification.

-Usability-Placement of focus adjustment took me a little getting used to. It was obviously designed for ease of use when holding the scope not when mounted to the included tripod. That said, it took almost no time at all to become used to the focus knob position, and once used to it, it was a very natural feel and is easy to use either in hand or on the tripod.

-Construction-seamingly sturdy (though the focus knobs seems a bit ‘delicate’) with a nice weather resistant coating. Dont be fooled-the rubberized body is for weather protection—-not shock or drop armoring/resistance as the advertising would lead you to believe. It will protect from scuffs/rubs, but not drops ors hits.

-Case. By no means the best case available, but overall nice addition to the package given to cost.

-Light gathering. At full zoom (60x) there is a notable decrease in light gatherering, even in full daylight. Not nearly as bad as my previous scope, but still enough to make this scope difficult to use at full magnification at dusk/dawn.

-Focus. As noted in pros section easy/good at minimum magnification but as to be expected, very sensitive when the scope is at full magnification. With perseverance, a clear picture is achievable at full mag, but it takes a gentle touch and some patience…not ideal for viewing wildlife clearly at full mag.

Tripod- A common design with some nice features, but fragile and the quality of manufacture (materials/tolerances) is only fair to poor, the result of which is that the tripod is not sturdy, difficult to position precisely and easily disturbed.

Conclusion. A nice low budget spotting scope….overall a fair value for viewing stationary objects, but less than ideal for distant objects in motion. I would recommend for scenery, shooting range, architecture, etc but not long rang bird watching…short range birding (50 yards or less at 20~30x mag) is OK. In terms of quality/clarity/usability a 3 to 3.5 but factoring in cost/value, a 3.8 to 4.

Smart Reviews February 12th, 2012 (#)

I am going to be as specific and as simple for this review. Everything should be rated “for the money” as in what you are getting for what you paid. I knew I wouldn’t get the quality of a $200 spotting scope for $60, but I was trying for a $100 or more for the $60 I paid.

With this scope I can read small street parking signs as 180 yards easily. The farther you zoom in the harder it is to focus as with any spotting scope that isn’t TONS of money. I bought this to use with my rifle as a spotting scope at 200 yards, possible 300.

Looking at my neighbors which are probably 250 yards away I can see all details on their balcony, and focus is good, just not perfect. I am sure that I could fine tune that a little better but haven’t spent much time yet with it, and the tripod makes things a little more difficult.

Case is fine, actually great. Tripod does a great job as a tripod, but when people say “tripod is garbage”, what they mean is that when you are super zoomed in ANY sort of slight movement registers HUGE on what you are seeing.

The tripod is not good if your table is shaking in ANY fashion. The tripod WONT hold the scope in place as you touch the scope. And adjusting the scope when on the tripod isn’t the best. So the tripod is great as a camera tripod (which it actually is) but not the quality you need for such a huge zoom scope. BUT it can and does work, just not the best, but I didn’t pay for the best.

Overall for the money I got more than I paid for. Great for casual use, 200 yd range scoping, not for professional use.

M4carbine April 12th, 2012 (#)

I purchased this spotting scope after returning two of the same model NC Star scopes that had annoying image shift during focus. I took the Meade to the shooting range on a sunny day and had no problems spotting shots from 100 yds.

I made with my .223 AR15 on to an 8″ splatter target. At 100yds the focus @ 60 power is very small, in other words, once focused just a slight turn more of the dial and your field of you becomes extremly blurry so anything past 120 to 125 yds. will most likely drop off in clarity unlike the NC Star (in the same price range) which had very good clarity up to 150 yds. during an overcast day but once again the image shift was too annoying.

The Meade is not equipped with a glare reducing sun shade either however it caused no problem for me.

For as little as I use it, the Meade serves it’s purpose. The hard case is a very, very nice touch but the tripod is garbage so you will most likely want to purchase a much sturdier one. Hope this helps.

Bill C September 18th, 2012 (#)

The scope itself is advertised as being fog, shock,and water proof. I haven’t dropped it yet but I have used it in light rain and humid conditions. After one year of use I don’t see any adverse affects from being exposed to wet weather. Comes with lens covers and sunshade.

Turning the (45 degree angle) eyepiece adjusts the magnification from 20-60X. The focus is situated down and to the right of the eye piece. In overcast (lower light) conditions using full magnification, objects are not inconveniently dark but there is a noticeable difference in brightness.

Tripod height(collapsed): 16 inches
Tripod height (fully extended): 48 inches.

With the scope attached and tripod fully extended one has to bend over to use the scope from a standing position. To use the scope while laying down (tripod fully collapsed) the user needs to bunch on the elbows to peer through eyepiece.

The most convenient feature about this tripod is that one can adjust the scope over the right so it is situated at a 90 degree angle. In other words the scope is “kicked” over so the eye piece sits on a horizontal plane rather than vertical.

The scope and tripod come in a low quality padded traveler case that “gets the job done” adequately. The entire unit itself is light and portable.

Bottom line: If you have high expectations, namely clarity and brightness at full magnification in low light conditions, you will be disappointed. In my very limited experience with spotting, to achieve the latter you simply need buy a more expensive scope.

My application of this spotter: First off, I’m very impressed. I purchased it for everyday target spotting from 25 to 200 yards. I can easily see .22 caliber holes at 100 yards. I have not tested this yet, but I imagine thirty caliber would be visible at 200 yards depending on the type of target used.

I don’t recommend this unit for competition however if this was all that was available it would be fine. It wouldn’t be the most convenient or comfortable but it could be made to work. I’m very glad I purchased it and if I had to do it all over again I would make the same choice. If you’re a regular “plinker” at the range and want to save yourself a lot of time and effort from checking targets this scope is for you!

Summary: For the given price this scope can’t be beat. This is an EXCELLENT spotting unit and I highly recommend it if you have a limited budget. This is a great tool to have for common everyday usage.

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