Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 20-60 x80 Spotting Scope Review

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Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 20-60×80 spotting scope is the newest launch in the market. It has revolutionized the clear resolution and definition that we can expect from a spotting scope. Since, spotting scopes are essential equipments for terrestrial as well as bird watchers, these instruments need to have the benefit of the latest technology and features that can bring a clearer picture to the users.

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It has some of the most advanced high tech features amongst related products in the industry. Starting with extreme high precision and 20-60x zoom magnification, the legend ultra hd scope is extremely helpful for spotting out targets at very long distance. In fact, the instrument can also be very helpful to you even if you are in a habit of wearing spectacles with power lenses.

Bushnell 20-60×80 Spotting Scope Features

  • 80mm objective lens with 20 to 60x magnification
  • High-resolution and color-tuned viewing with ED Prime Extra-Low Dispersion glass
  • 110 feet @ 1,000 yards with 20x magnification
  • 51 feet @ 1,000 yards with 60x magnification
  • RainGuard HD coating
  • Fully multicoated optics
  • Features stacked, dual-focus controls
  • 45 degree angled zoom eyepiece
  • weighs 80.1 ounces and 16.5 inches in length

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The compact design of the new Bushnell spotting scope makes it easier to carry around during long distance travels. The equipment is completely waterproof due to a Rainguard and a powerful lens coating. This makes the equipment ideal for use in very harsh conditions.

The Bushnell Legend spotting scope has features that are more or less inspired from the Legend Ultra HD Binoculars. So, you get the very same powerful ED Prime Extra Low Dispersion glass with a multi coating of optics. You also get the premium BAK- 4 prisms. Together all these features can help you capture unbelievably clear and high definition pictures even in unyielding climate conditions.

With the bushnell spotting scopes, you get super easy and stacked power controls. These dual-controls make it easy to handle the equipment and make fast adjustments to it. The 20-60×80 spotting scope offers long eye relief of up to 18mm. You also get a soft case with the product to store it safely during your travels. The bushnell legend ultra hd comes at a quite reasonable price and it is absolutely affordable by most avid enthusiasts.

Bushnell Legend Spotting Scope Review

Nearly every review we were able to find online gave this spotting scope is a five star rating. Undoubtedly, the legend spotting scope has gained quite a popular customer base. The equipment guarantees precision and also it has amazing ease of controls. When you are using the spotting scope to take a look at terrestrial animals or birds; you need equipment that works in your favor even in the presence of very long odds against you.

The bushnell legend scopes offer water repellant lens coating and smooth controls to combat the weather issues and the 18mm long zoom eyepiece helps to overcome the distance factor while shooting the pictures. The Bushnell Legend scope requires a certain amount of expertise for you to handle the product properly. The equipment is most definitely user friendly but is targeted towards professionals and long time avid enthusiasts. Click here to read more reviews.

The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 20-60×80 spotting scope is available at an affordable price. You can monitor the controls and get used to handling the product within a short period of time. The features of the product are all geared towards providing latest technology available in this field for the best of your experience. All in all, the product is definitely one of the best amongst its competitors. Reviewers noted that this particular Bushnell spotting scope is worth the extra dollars when compared to cheaper models. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Irv H. September 22nd, 2011 (#)

It’s great that Amazon offers so many choices within almost any category of interest. I wanted a birding scope for field scanning and good magnification on target, understanding that this would require the use of a stable tripod.

Scanning at 20X was great for distance (I estimate perhaps a quarter mile in this case) though not practicable within a close field. Full zoom to 60X magnifies atmospheric interference correspondingly and I could not get a really sharp image at such a distance even on a crisp September day.

Specifically, a very patient bald eagle, perched on the chimney of an abandoned building (Manana Island, off Monhegan, midcoast Maine) was barely visible to the naked eye but easy to find at 20X.

Zooming to 60X was difficult and disappointing: yes, the eagle stayed put and occupied more of the field of view but the zoom control grip was extremely stiff and the fine focus adjustment did not improve resolution.

On the other hand, once you’ve got it stabilized and looking at stuff larger and slower than a bird, it’s a great instrument.

I have returned this scope because for my purposes it is too cumbersome for convenient use (16 inches and five pounds?). Coarse and fine focusing knobs are properly related but you’ll have to teach your hand how to find them while manipulating your view and you’ll also have to buy a wrench to shift the zoom grip.

Amazon was prompt in accepting this return for full credit minus about $10 for customer dissatisfaction postage, a bargain for the experience.

KEN February 21st, 2012 (#)

Real nice ED lens Spotting Scope for a reasonable price of around $400. Rubber coated and has ED glass objective lens for sharp details with less distortion than regular optical glass lenses.

Has non-interchangeable zoom lens that goes from 20 to 60x. Has good eye relief and scope feels well made. Light gathering of 80mm objective lens is excellent.

Looked at full moon on cloudless night and details were sharp and there was none to little color distortion of moon’s rim. Has an attached movable rubberized lens hood and stacked adjustment knobs which provide excellent general & fine tune focus adjustments.

Comes with a nice semi-hard case. Great scope and all you will need for terrestrial viewing and Moon as well as making out the inner planets. For a more detailed viewing of the planets you will need a telescope with more magnification power and better light gathering ability of at least a 90mm ED objective lens.

The Televue 85mm telescope however is able to give you decent views of the inner planets as well as good views of the huge gas giants Jupiter & Saturn but will cost you around $2500 complete.

The Bushnell Legend 80mm for the money is just one nice premium scope.

Steve. R .Young May 9th, 2012 (#)

I took delivery of this spotting scope just a few days ago, so I have not had the opportunity to field test it properly yet. I have done a little local viewing and everything looks great. Colours are very true with no ringing or colour banding. Focusing is very smooth. Zoom is a little stiff but I’m sure it will loosen up a little.

Will go to Olango bird sanctuary just outside Cebu, Philippines in a couple of weeks to try it out thoroughly, then it’s off to Mai Po reserve in Hong Kong to give it a good work out. It came with a hard case that is a bit bulky so have ordered a soft case that will be easier to lug around. Decided to buy a decent all metal tripod soon (Giottos MTL9271B 3 Section Aluminium Professional Tripod with SLIK SH707E Head).

One thing I have noticed and this is VERY important is the fact that my one at least is focusing down to 12 feet and not the 35 feet that is described in the listing. This is very good news. I am so pleased that I purchased this scope.

Field tested the scope at Olango Bird Sanctuary and it carried itself impeccably. I was able to easily make out all the intricate markings on an adult Asiatic Dowitcher. The image was bright, even at 60X magnification. I was even able to follow a Gull Billed Tern in flight with no problems.

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