Alpen 788 20-60×80 Spotting Scope Kit Review

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For the most sporting users who demand high quality optics, that have the capability of performing flawlessly in all weather conditions. Alpen 788 spotting scope is what you need. The sporting scope has a fog proof and waterproof features. These features are ideal for backcountry usage, checking out a scene and even bench rest shooting. This spotting scope can be bought through for a 48% discount. We couldn’t find a better price anywhere else. Click here to check it out.

Alpen 788 20-60×80 Features

  • 80mm objective lens with 20-60x magnification
  • Shock-resistant,  fogproof and waterproof housing
  • BaK-4 fully multicoated optics and 45-degree angled eyepiece
  • Superior resolution, brightness and edge clarity
  • Includes foam-filled aluminum case and micro-adjustable tripod and
  • 17 inches in length; weighs 56 ounces
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty with free shipping

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This angled spotting scope has BaK-4 lenses with fully multicoated optics. This ensures there is superior brightness, edge clarity and great resolution.  The sporting scope has a 20 to 60x magnifying range and an additional 80mm objective lens. It also provides great field of view at just low power. In addition, it provides a magnificent close up view of those objects that are far away or distant. This enables you to enjoy the best that you wished for.

The Alpen sporting scopes stand out for the common rough handling, this is prevented by the nitrogen-filled casing.  The housing casing is waterproof, shock resistant and consequently, dustproof.  The Alpen 788kit also has macro-adjustable tabletop tripod.  This helps in providing the needed stability and it is also durable. In addition, it has an attractive foam filled aluminum casing which provides protection to the Alpen sporting scope kit.  There are also additional features like 45-angled eyepiece. This in addition, has 360-degree adjustable body collar, it also has a sunshade that is extendable. The 20 60×80 spotting scope carries with it a lifetime warranty, which covers defects related to the material and workmanship.  It weighs only 56 ounces.

Alpen 788 Spotting Scope Review

The consumers loved the sporting scope’s strong construction.  The image was very bright and it also gave an excellent resolution. The sporting scope kit has a great eye relief. The focusing knob is very easy to manage and also very precise. In addition, the consumers found the focusing knob to have good and soft support. The customers liked the rotating tripod ring; they appreciated the fact that it allows easy rotation of the body without a change in the scope. Some consumers loved the fact that they could use the sporting scope even while lying down, thanks to the tripod. Click here to read more reviews.

Some consumers noted that the price was a little bit expensive, but in the long run after using the Alpen Spotting Scope they appreciated and found that it was worth every penny they spent.

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Alpen 788kit spotting scope is one of the best sporting scope kits available. The quality of the shooting it takes is amazing. The resolution is outstanding. All these come with extra package of good and effective protection being offered by the house casing. The warranty is the greatest in offer.  The macro adjustable tabletop tripod is one of the best features this scope has. It is one of the latest models of sporting scope kits available that offers the consumers the best features available. It is highly recommended to anyone looking for the best shooting. Rated 5 out of 5.  Get one for yourself and experience the unique quality that it has. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

R. Shick August 22nd, 2011 (#)

When I ordered this spotting scope I had read quite a few reviews of spotting scopes, both on Amazon and other websites, and settled on this scope because of reported features and optical performance for the relatively low price.

I was looking for a replacement for a 30 year old Bushnell Spacemaster that had such short eye relief that I could see only the very center of targets at 100 yards, using either the 22 power wide angle eyepiece or the 40 power eyepiece. The 60 power eyepiece had such a small exit pupil and short eye relief that it was unusable because I wear corrective lenses.

The reported 18 to 19 mm eye relief with this scope is much better than the Bushnell, but still a little shy of what is really needed to make the entire field of view visible. Only by putting my eyeglass lens against the scope can I see the sharp edge of the field of view, and doing that causes the scope to jiggle.

That brings up another point – the tripod base shown in all the Alpen photographs of the spotting scope appears to be cast aluminum, as the construction appears almost identical to aluminum tripod on my Freeland spotting scope stand. Unfortunately, Alpen has now substituted a plastic tripod, and the plastic legs are simply too flexible and allow way too much movement of the scope when the eyepiece is contacted by my eyeglass lens.

The change in tripod construction is obvious when you look at the way the larger plastic tripod base fits into the cutout in the suitcase foam. The plastic tripod base doesn’t fit and the tripod has to be forced into the foam.

As far as a rating goes, I would give the optics of the scope 4 stars, but the stability of the new plastic tripod is so poor I would give it only about 2 stars, even when shooting from a bench. Since I purchased the scope for its optical performance, I would give the spotting scope kit an average rating of 3 starts. If I didn’t wear eyeglasses, I would have given the scope kit at least a 4 star rating. The tripod will probably be discarded and the scope adapted to my Freeland spotting scope stand.

By the way, if you get the kit, you give up the convenience of a fabric spotting scope case for the security of an aluminum suitcase which will not hold another brand of spotting scope stands without alteration.

If you don’t wear eyeglasses and use the scope on a hard surface such as a shooting bench, you will probably love this scope for the cost. If you wear eyeglasses as I do, definitely plan on purchasing a sturdier stand to hold this relatively heavy scope, and maybe even look at scopes with longer eye relief.

Gary November 16th, 2011 (#)

I bought this scope after reading a product test and review from an online birding website. I needed a spotting scope for the rifle range that was good, but not expensive.

This scope is great and it’s cheap. Very easy to use and mark targets out to 400 yards, great value for the money.

The optics are good enough to mark targets or spot game up to 500 yards, plenty of eye relief and I cannot find any fault with this scope.

Walther Van Alphen December 12th, 2011 (#)

As a very keen shooter with a number of top quality scoped rifles, I was in need of a good spotting scope. After finding a brochure of the Alpen optics products I found that they were much better priced in the USA than here in Australia.

After looking around I found what I wanted on the Amazon site and purchased the Kit “20-60 x 80” a shame that Amazon does not ship to places outside the States so I had to ask a friend in California to forward the item to Australia. Upon arriving the scope was actually better than I thought it would be, however, the stand in the kit was broken and not of a good quality.

I wonder why this seems to be the case with other brands too, why do producers not increase the price somewhat and add a good quality tripod? Luckily a good friend has all the tools to fix it and the combo works a treat. Easy to use, very clear optics, and so it seems overall a very good scope.

It stood outside in the rain while observing birds and did not miss a beat. Excellent VFM (value for money). I should recommend this item and brand to friends albeit with the note not to bother with the tripod kit but to purchase a good one in a camera store.

C. Murphy April 3rd, 2012 (#)

This is a great scope for viewing at ranges up to 300 yards clearly. While I haven’t had a chance to evaluate it for spotting targets, I have spent much time viewing various objects at distances to 400 yards.

At 300 yards, I was able to zoom in on a squirrel sitting on a branch and could clearly see the details on it’s head. The eye facing me was clearly defined as was the nose and ears. At 400 yards, I could spot my game camera and make out the lens and sensors on the front of it. This camera is only slightly larger than a soda can.

At 200 yards, the barbs on a barbed wire fence were clear and sharp. Various birds were enjoyable out to 200 yards or so. I could even make out the staples holding the wire to the posts. All of this viewing was done at mid day in good sunlight.

I attempted to do some stargazing but it was very difficult to locate objects with the angled eyepiece. The stars I found could not be resolved to any great detail. The lenses just cannot resolve the bright spot against the dark background well. You would need a scope with ED lenses for that.

The view of the moon was really pretty nice. Very nice detail of the craters and particularly enjoyable view of the area where the light and dark sides meet.

While it is possible to use glasses with the eyepiece, I found it easier to view things without my glasses on. It’s just much easier to get the proper relief.

All of the above observations for clarity are at maximum zoom. The scope is even more clear at lower power settings but if you have 60X, why not use it? At 20-30X, it’s as nice and optically clear as anyone could ever want unless you have thousands of dollars to spend.

I do have a Zeiss rifle scope and it spoiled me for quality optics. At 20-30X, this Alpen is nearly as clear. After 30X, the loss of clarity gradually becomes more apparent. But it didn’t cost thousands of dollars either. Overall it’s a wonderful scope for the money. I would recommend it without hesitation.

Bike Guy July 28th, 2012 (#)

This is my first spotting scope. I just got into bench-rest rifle target shooting and thought this scope might fill the bill.

It is larger than I expected, but it works just fine. The quality of construction is very good. Very beefy, and I like that. I’ve never looked through the super expensive scopes so I can’t compare the glass clarity, but I found the magnified images bright and sharp through this glass.

I like how the rear half swivels and the built in sunshades work very well. The fine focus is easy and smooth.

While other reviewers thought the tripod to be flimsy, I found that it works perfect for me, and is sturdy enough for my application. It tracks left and right and up and down fine.

The transport case is solid and keeps the scope safe.

The whole package works great for my needs and I find it to be a great deal for the money.

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