Leupold Sequoia 15-45X60mm Spotting Scope Kit Review

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The Leupold Sequoia 15-45X60mm spotting scope kit is the perfect scope in terms of price and functionality. The straight eye piece spotting scope has 15 to 45 times magnification which is more of what is expected considering the kit’s price. The Sequoia 15-45X60mm spotting scopes are currently sold for less than $300 and the spotting scope comes with a decent case that is hard on the outside and soft (due to pads) on the inside as well as tripod which is very compact. We found Amazon.com to have the best prices on the leupold spotting scopes. Click here to check it out.

Leupold Sequoia 15-45X60 Features

  • Waterproof scope and multi-coated lens
  • 60mm objective lens with 15x to 45x magnification
  • Offers max clarity, brightness, contrast and color fidelity
  • Comfortable extended viewing with twist-up eyecups and eye relief
  • Compete Kit with compact tripod and hard case with padded interior
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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The leupold sequoia 15-45×60 kit features efficient spotting scope with above-satisfactory case and easy to carry tripod. The 13-inch long spotting scope itself provides optimum clarity, brightness and contrast whether it is sunny or misty. The focus can be easily adjusted through a dial.

The color is also amazing that you will surely enjoy using it. Your eye will not be in pain again because the scope will give you a better view of things. One can even use it with eyeglasses on. The finish is non-reflective, which is definitely a plus. This particular spotting scope kit showcases awesome specs. Its linear view can even reach 44-21 meters at 1000 meters. Its angular view ranges from 2.5 to 1.2 degrees.

The legs of the tripod are adjustable and can be positioned in different directions. The head can also be tilted easily. The case gives superior protection that you could not ask for more. The case’s design is also edgy and perfect for rugged adventures. The whole kit weighs 25.1 ounces so it can be carried easily.

One of the things that you may like about the leupold sequoia spotting scope kit is that it is waterproof. Have you ever experienced wasting some of your hard earned money simply because the gadget you purchased is not waterproof and you accidentally spilled a glass of water on it? Rain is not even a problem with this spotting scope kit so it is the ideal for your field work.

Leupold Sequoia Spotting Scope Review

A lot of individuals have already used the leupold sequoia 15-45×60 scope kit, which received 4 to 5-star rating. The high customer satisfaction rate is primarily due to the top notch quality in terms of view that the spotting scope kit provides. The kit also got a lot of phrase because of its hardness outside and softness inside.

One of the reasons why the leupold spotting scope kit received only four stars from some users is because the tripod lacks sturdiness, which can be solved if one would set the legs farther from each other. Click here to read more reviews.

With all the good features and a minor flaw on the tripod, the Leupold 15-45X60mm scope is definitely a good deal. Its good viewing quality in different lighting conditions and distance makes it an ideal spotting scope that can be used for birding and range use. With its good quality despite the lower price, this particular spotting scope kit from Leupold is definitely rare that should be grabbed immediately by individuals who need one. Click here to check it out.

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (18 votes, average: 3.06 out of 5)
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Customer Reviews

M. Stephens August 15th, 2011 (#)

The scope is very good, but the stand is very bad. The clarity of the scope is great, and I have no problem at 100 yards sighting in a .22 rifle, even without color targets.

Eye relief on the scope is minimal, but that is the standard with spotting scopes. I have long eyelashes, so it really is a nuisance at times to get a clear image, as the closer you get your eye to the scope the better the image.

My friends don’t have the same problem, and I’m sure 90% of people wouldn’t either. The stand is very wobbly, even when tightened down fully, and I feel like the bolts will strip out sooner than later.

When zoomed in at 45, you will notice how bad the stand really is, it is hard to keep the scope from shaking a bit. This wouldn’t be a problem if you could tighten the stand well enough to hold a position, but you must hold the scope in place with the stand handle to stay on target or gravity will pull it down. The case provided is great, and the covering for the scope is high quality. The scope gets a 4.5, the case a 4.5, and the stand a 1.5.

M. Bennett September 1st, 2011 (#)

I can not believe the performance at this price point! No flaws or problems noted.

I’ve used this scope to test in various conditions at different yardage’s, and today with no sun, and 100% humidity, during a slight drizzle, with the air so thick that you can see the mist, this scope penetrated the problem with good contrast and clarity at 1,000 yards. Also, in low light conditions at dusk, there was good visibility and no problem noted. This scope performs with all expectations met for any 60Mm scope.

It comes with a heavy-duty transport/storage case, soft field transport cover with short strap (I don’t care for the shortness, or for it being elasticized as the shortness restricts longer adjustments and the elastic stretch will obviously fail first. But, all-in-all, not a big deal. 550 parachute cord with a slip-knot for more length and guaranteed strength will do the trick.)

Tripod is about medium sturdiness, which coincides with the great price.

The rear, power adjustment (15X to 45X) is protected by a hard plastic, screw on cover for protection from rough field use while transporting in the soft cover. That’s a major plus. Front lens cover is a soft, rubber cap that fits so snugly that it traps air under it and the cap bulges out from the compression. That goes to good dust and water protection of the front lens.

Image is clear and crisp at all yardage’s. It is made in Korea, not in America as the manufacturer alludes to. Won’t give away your position; flat-black, non-reflective finish.

I like it;) Especially for the price.

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