Swarovski ATM-65-HD Spotting Scope Review

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The Swarovski ATM-65-HD Spotting Scope combines new Magnesium technology to make maximize stability without sacrificing portability. It has a rubberized armor skin to make it dust and waterproof as well protect it from unnecessary shock. The high quality viewing this scope comes from the unique coatings on the lens that increases the razor sharp images. They use HD lens which contain fluoride to help cut down on the chromatic abrasion.

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Swarovski ATM-65-HD Scope Features

The ATM-65 is packed full of features that make it a really high quality spotting scope. The Magnesium body makes it lightweight for ease of carrying when you are out in the field. At the same time it makes if very sturdy to be able to withstand the shock of being carried for long distances. For additional protection the entire exterior of the scope is covered with a rubberized armor.

  • Outstanding ergonomic function and optical quality
  • Waterproof and dustproof with protective watertight rubber armoring
  • Fluoride HD Lenses minimizes color fringing
  • Precise, lightweight and rugged
  • Objective lens: 65m, filter thread: M67x0.75
  • Dioptric correction: Greater than 5
  • Shortest focusing distance: 10 feet
  • 12.8 inches long and weights 36 ounces
  • Limited lifetime Warranty and Free Shipping

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Along with protecting the outside case from being damaged, the rubberized casing also provides a complete watertight seal that will keep the water out to a depth of 13 feet. Along with waterproof it is also dust and fog proof.

The optics inside are also made of high quality materials and coatings to improve the color reproduction and brightness of the images seen through the scope. The use of specialty coatings also helps to protect the outside surfaces of the lens from scratches and other damage. The HD lens, which contains fluoride to reduce the amount of chromatic aberration at the same time, delivers high quality images with more precise outlines.

Swarovski ATM-65-HD Review

A couple other aspects of the swarovski spotting scope is the angled shape to make looking up high into the sky at birds a bit more comfortable. Also the HD lenses make it an appealing scope for people interested in taking pictures through the spotting scope (known as digiscoping).

After reading the one review posted online for the ATM-65-HD spotting scope it became clear that it was well-liked scope. The reviewer pointed out that this scope produce an awesome view thanks to its optics. It was very easy to get it into focus even wearing gloves. They went on to point out that it compares favorably when compared to higher end spotting scopes.

There were no negative comments posted on this spotting scope due to the fact that there was only a single review posted only. It received a 5 star rating Amazon.com. Nearly every review we were able to find on other websites gave this spotting scope is a five star rating.

The very best place to buy the Swarovski ATM-65-HD spotting scope is from Amazon. They have the lowest price around that I could find and they have free shipping (at least they did at the time of writing this) which made for an even better deal. All around, I believe anyone would be happy ordering from Amazon. Click here to see the Swarovski ATM-65-HD on Amazon.


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Customer Reviews

E. Hart August 9th, 2012 (#)

You can find detailed technical reviews of high-end spotting scopes on several websites (my personal favorite is the Scopes Advisor page on Birdwatching.com), so here I’ll offer the purely subjective, non-technical opinion of an amateur birder.

I’ve used this scope for about a year and a half now, pairing it with the Swarovski 25-50-xWW Eyepiece. The combination delivers big, bright, beautiful images with no perceived geometric distortion from edge to edge. Focusing is fast and easy, even when wearing gloves on a chilly morning, thanks to the big focusing barrel.

Aiming an angled scope is a little awkward if you’ve never done it before, but you get reasonably proficient with just a little practice. One advantage of the angled scope is that people of different heights can rotate it to eye level without changing the aiming point. It’s also easier on the neck than a straight scope in many viewing situations.

Birding with friends and guides, I’ve had opportunities to compare this combination in the field with several other 65 mm high-end scopes/eyepieces, often looking at the same bird in quick succession through two different scopes.

I haven’t seen anything that can touch this combination, not even the same Swarovski scope with older-model eyepieces. Friends who have done the same experiment with me have come to the same conclusion; you might, too.

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